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Environmental Laboratory Technologist - RELT Certification

The challenges in the environment industry are sensitive,complicated, and continuously changing. Therefore there is no compromise on the level of professionalism and skills required to handle the various complex and often fluctuating situations. Strict adherence to standard procedures and professional skills means that any one lacking in the qualification and skills is not entertained in this industry. It is therefore very prudent to acquire the right skills and the recognition for the skills to work and progress in the environmental industry.

The strict industry standards dictates that persons engaged in the laboratory management and/or analysis of environmental samples need to be absolutely equipped to handle their jobs.

RELT -- Registered Environmental Laboratory Technologist conducts examination  for such individuals, for the test and certification/registration of their skills. The registration/certification provides the necessary recognition and professional progress in the environmental industry. RELT is officially recognized by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

The RELT Certification is awarded by NREP- National Registry of Environmental Professionals. NREP  has been formed with an intention and goal of providing education and legal recognition and certification for professionals and individuals engaged in the task preserving our environment. NREP is a single point information and education center for all environmental industry professionals.

To take the test, a qualification of an Associate or Arts degree in sciences like Chemistry or Biology or a 4 consecutive years laboratory analysis experience is required.

Work experience required to take the exam is (2) consecutive years of laboratory work conducting research and/or analysis of environmental contamination. Experience in the use of wet chemistry as well as laboratory analytical devices is a must .

The exam itself is of 1 1/2-hour duration. It is a multiple choice and open book exam.

There will be 30 questions in the category of  laboratory practice as related quality control, chain of custody, chemical exposure and storage, use of laboratory equipment, analysis as related to instrumentation use, ASTM and EPA, Langelier Index, Alpha Beta Error, chemistry.

Another 35 questions will be on definitions of chemical and analytical terms, sampling as related to preservation and holding times, methodologies, procedures, equipment and transportation.

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