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How to Plan a Camping Trip

    • 1). Pick your camping location. There are campgrounds scattered throughout the country that you can use for your trip. You should base your selection on the climate of the area and what facilities are available at the campground.

    • 2). Print out a map of the area so you can familiarize yourself with the area before your camping trip.

    • 3). Make a list of items that you need to bring. Be sure to include clothing, toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray, food and sleeping gear.

    • 4). Check off the items on your list while you are loading up your vehicle. This ensures that you don't forget anything.

    • 5). Decide on your sleeping arrangements for the trip. You can camp in a tent, use an RV, or rent a cabin.

    • 6). Bring a cell phone in case of an emergency. This is especially important if you plan to camp alone.

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