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Injury Claims - Overview

How do I choose a solicitor? If you want to consult a solicitor to make a compensation claim, you should get advice from one who specializes in personal injury cases.
You can find specialists through:
  • the Community Legal Service
  • the association of personal injury lawyers (APIL)
  • the Law Society
  • a Citezens Advice Bureau or Law Center
  • your Trade Union if you have one
What if i cant afford a Personal Injury Solicitor Taking legal action can be expensive.
You can no longer get public funding (legal aid) for most personal injury cases.
The only cases you can get it for are:
  • a medical accident
  • deliberate harm.
    child abuse
  • an assault by the police
If you cant afford to pay legal fees there is nearly always a way to get help with the costs: No Win No Fee Agreements This agreements means you don't have to pay your solicitors fees if you lose the case.
You will probably need to take out insurance ( after-the-event insurance) to protect you against the possibility of having to pay the other sides costs or your expenses (e.
court fees) if you lose.
Trade Union If you're a member of a trade union or similar type of organisation, it may be able to help you with legal costs and finding a solicitor.
What can i claim compensation for? There are 2 types you can claim for: General Damages The pain and suffering you had to deal with after the injury and during.
Special Damages and future loss Money you have had to pay or money you have lost (earnings) because of the accident.
What else affects how much compensation i could get? If the court decides you were partly to blame for your injury (contribution negligence) it may reduce the amount of compensation you get.
not wearing a seatbelt and being in a car accident.
You can also get less compensation if the other side can prove you did not "mitigate" your losses (you did not do what you could to keep your losses to a minimum).

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