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Why Women Don"t Like You When They First Meet You

So you've seen the girl of your dreams, mustered up the courage to talk to her, walked up, said hello...
and she gives you a look that makes it abundantly clear you have no chance with her.
It's actually a look that most guys get when they approach a woman.
If you're on the dance floor you might even get ignored completely like you're a ghost or something.
So why do attractive women behave like this? The simple and truthful answer is, they aren't attracted to you.
And whether they are attracted to you or not has nothing to do with your looks, whether you're good looking or ugly.
It based on how you behave.
Most guys go up to a girl timidly and fearfully and women can sense this.
It shows in subtle ways, from how you carry yourself, your facial expression and dozens of other little behaviours you probably aren't even aware of.
A girl wants a more confident approach, almost cocky.
Girls do not want a man who is scared to approach women.
And most guys are scared or anxious when approaching a girl they are attracted to.
And so this is at the core of why women don't become attracted to most guys and seemingly cruelly reject the majority of guys that hit on them.
This is why many guys get most of their success with women when they are drunk.
When drunk they are less self-conscious and fearful, more relaxed and girls are more receptive to that.
Is it that much of a surprise to learn that guys who are fearful and not confident are disliked by girls? If you look at the evolutionary history of the human race you'll see that the bold, fearless men who went out and hunted for food back in the caveman days were the ones women needed to survive and care for the babies.
In modern society being fearless isn't needed to survive and so many men never develop fearlessness and remain fearful boys well into adulthood.
So how do you get rid of the fear without alcohol? There are many ways.
The best is to face your fears.
If you have ANY fear of women you need to just go and talk to them, until you become desensitized to talking to women.
You'll find by talking to a few dozen women in a month you'll suddenly be able to talk to any woman without fear and she will be attracted to you because she knows you are fearless.

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