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3 Good Ways To Get Over A Break Up When You Still Want Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Yes, there are so many ways to cope with being dumped, but some of them require you to lose your morals and do things that might even be bad for your health. So instead of steering you down that crooked path, here are 3 good ways to get over a break up, even when you still want your ex boyfriend back...

Way #1: Know That It's Ok To Break Up Because It May Be What Your Relationship Needs Right Now.

Everything in life is temporary. So a break up doesn't mean you can never be together again. Agreeing with your ex that you should break up right now is hard. But this is a necessary step that you must take if you want to give your relationship with the man you love another go.

Yes, I know it seems to be completely counter-intuitive, but the reason for agreeing with your ex boyfriend that this is the best arrangement for your relationship right now, is so that he understands that you are someone who supports his decisions.

This way, you and him start to become 'team mates' instead of becoming 'opposing enemies' who strongly disagree with each other.

Way #2: Think About The Positive Aspects Of Being A Single Woman Again.

Instead of trying to fix and repair what went wrong in your relationship, in an attempt to get him to come back, why not use your energy to think about the positive aspects of being a single lady again?

Your sense of security in this world has been threatened, and part of you thinks that if you can just 'repair' the things that went wrong, perhaps, your ex boyfriend, will change his mind, and take you back. Unfortunately, you are feeling hurt, you are more likely to attack the one who has caused you pain.

If you've already done this, then I recommend you refocus your attention towards healing your hurt feelings instead of trying to fix your damaged relationship instead. Doing so will better serve your intention of getting back together with your ex than trying to 'fix' things between the two of you.

And the way to start feeling better about yourself again, is to recognize that there are gifts to be found in being a single woman again.

Way #3: Courageously Show The Best Side Of Yourself.

Yes, there will be times when you feel like doing something crazy like getting your male friends to beat him up. But during an emotional crisis, stop and ask yourself "What would the best side of me do right now?"

The social media phenomenon is truly a God send when it comes to how to present yourself to the world after a relationship breakup. You don't even need to call or text your friends to ask for support, because all you need to do is to change your 'status', and everyone will know.

Courageously show the best side of yourself by sharing the things that you feel grateful for on your preferred social network, and you might be surprised to see some male friends attempting to reconnect with you. Do accept their invitation to meet up for coffee or lunch if anyone asks, because that will surely give you an ego boost.

Now that you have read theseĀ 3 good ways to get over a break up, I hope you will put them to good use and re-emerge as the beautiful Goddess you have always been once more.

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