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How to Install SRT Subs Into a Movie

    • 1). Download the subtitle codec, which you will need in order for the .SRT file to work with the movie file. If you do not have any knowledge of subtitle codecs, or codecs in general, they are media player updates which update various aspects of the media player depending on what codec it is. A subtitle codec enables the use of .SRT subtitles, and if you are unsure where to find one, try Allin1, DirectVobSub or ffdshow (see Resources).

    • 2). Install the codec, in order to update your media player. Simply do this by running the codec, which should install the codec automatically.

    • 3). Place the movie file and subtitle, or .SRT, file into same folder. Simply move them together either through dragging-and-dropping, or copy-pasting.

    • 4). Give the two files the same name. This ensures that the .SRT file plays when you run the movie file. The subtitles will then show up when you run the movie file, allowing you to see the movie with them.

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