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Can"t Afford to Leave Your Job? Start Your Business Part-Time

Many people want to own their own business but the reality is they cannot survive without an income for the time it takes most businesses to start making a profit.
If this is your reality, your only option might be to start the business part-time until it allows you to make the transition out of your old job and into the new.
The most important business decision you will make is what business you go into in the first place and this is never more important than for the owner who needs to start off part-time.
Some businesses can do this but many cannot.
You need to carefully consider this if you intend to get started while working your current job.
Many retail establishments cannot start off part-time.
Besides the fact they need to be open most of the day to serve customers, there are many duties such as ordering and stocking supplies and merchandise, all the back office duties such as bookkeeping and bill paying, and time spent on marketing to bring in customers in the first place.
Although there are exceptions, retail businesses often do not readily favor a part-time approach.
There is however good news for the person who needs to start off part-time.
Most service businesses and contractors can, and often do, start part-time.
Many cleaning businesses have gotten their start with the owner working a job in between other duties.
Service businesses including cleaning, maintenance, bookkeeping, financial services, teaching classes, real estate, and many more, can all be started on a part-time basis.
Many small manufacturers have also got their start by making or assembling products in their garage on nights and weekends while still employed during the weekday.
Manufacturing businesses such as woodworking, furniture making, craft making, Christmas ornaments, soap and personal supplies, fine arts, and specialty foods and sauces among thousands of others can all be started while working another job.
If you are one of the many people who want to own their own business but cannot afford to quit your present job until you have another income, consider one of the many businesses that allow you to start part-time and build your way up to a full-time income.

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