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Choosing the Best 60 Inch TV For Your Home Theatre

Looking for the best 60 inch TV with features that make your viewing experience seem like your own private movie theatre? Well, you have an assortment of makes and models to choose from but the real decision comes down to Plasma, LCD or LED models.
A plasma television will significantly minimize any blur and deliver a clear picture; a must-have for all those sport fanatics who can't miss a moment of action.
With Plasma you also have a wider selection of screen sizes and it provides better contrast.
The drawbacks of Plasma televisions are all the heat it produces.
If choosing this type of television you'll definitely want to place it in an open environment with good ventilation.
The best 60 inch TV doesn't have to be a Plasma television however for this size it's not recommended that you purchase an LCD model.
It's been found that LCD televisions larger than 30 inches take longer for the images to adjust which can become a pain when changing channels.
Additionally, viewers cannot fully enjoy watching an LCD television unless they are sitting dead center in front of it; sitting at an angle causes the picture to become blurred.
In any case, the picture quality is definitely higher on smaller sets so while trying to choose the best 60 inch TV, rule this type out.
LED televisions are the latest models with accurate images and crisp color spectrums; however, you'll experience the same viewing issues when sitting at an angle.
As noted before, the power usage of Plasmas are unbelievable.
To provide an adequate picture it takes a lot of energy and gives off a lot of heat.
LCD and LED televisions use less power which translates into less energy and less money.
You can expect to pay a few thousand for the best 60 inch TV for your home and keep in mind, no television is perfect.
There are three makes people swear by either because of the quality of pictures or the value and price; Sony, Pioneer and Vizio.
Remarks for the Sony include a crystal clear picture that's very bright with no black level patchy color issues.
Pioneer received 5 out of 5 stars for outstanding video performance and technology that outperforms all other televisions including detachable speakers and video filters for enhanced viewing.
And for the Vizio 60 inch TV - it really doesn't stand up against the Sony or Pioneer 60 inch televisions however it's a price buster.
For about $3,000 the Vizio provides excellent resolution and bright images and comes with all the standard features you need for a home theatre experience.

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