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A Few Great Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Depending on the theme of your bridal shower, there are a variety of different ideas to consider for incorporating good food for the guests.
Here are some ideas that might get you started thinking about what you will serve at the shower itself: oHeavy Appetizers.
If you have a mid-to-late afternoon shower, you might want to consider heavy appetizers instead of a full meal to serve the guests.
Stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, nachos, egg rolls, quiche, different dips/dipping items, etc.
, are all great ideas that might get you started.
oBuffet Dinner.
If you are hosting an evening shower, you might consider having a buffet dinner for your guests to make serving the food simpler and the food choices easier.
Baked chicken, ham, roast beef, or salmon, depending on the bride's tastes, are all great starters.
You can also include rice pilaf, pasta salad, twice baked potatoes, a salad or cole slaw, steamed veggies, and other side dishes that complement the main meat item are also great ideas to incorporate.
Warm rolls or bread should be served, along with the traditional bridal shower cake for dessert.
If your bride is less formal, a good old-fashioned BBQ or "make-your-own" sandwiches along with potato salad, pasta salad, chips and dip or veggies and dip is a great, low-cost consideration for your budget.
oThemed dinner.
Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or Americana-whatever the theme-incorporate that type of food along with it! Remember when determining your shower menu to consider the taste and personality of the bride.
If the bride will enjoy the food served and the atmosphere it conveys, then you've done an excellent job in creating the shower of her dreams.

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