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Golden Tree Frog As an Excellent Gift Idea - How to Choose One

If you are planning to give a frog as a pet gift, golden tree frogs are often the best choice because they have longer life span than any other specie although this type of frog often prefers to live in a quiet environment.
Golden tree frogs can live up to six years and its angular head with pointed noise is one of its distinctive characteristics including its bright orange tan with a hint of gray stripes around its face.
This type of frog can also be a very low maintenance pet since it can be fed only twice or thrice a week with crickets as its main staple.
There are several factors to consider when choosing for a healthy golden tree frog and observing these aspects is very important in order for you to find one that can fully live its six year life span or closer to it.
For starters, it is a big no - no for frog enthusiasts to pick one that have cuts and scratches.
You also need to watch out for strange bumps or distinctive markings that are dark red in color.
You can also easily tell if the frog is underweight or undernourished due to it has a much smaller size compared to an average golden tree frog.
If you notice the frog has cloudy or almost opaque eyes, this indicates that the frog is suffering from an illness and there is also the possibility that it will die out once you change its environment.
If you are planning to introduce the golden tree from to a habitat where there are already other frogs, it is best to quarantine them first or have a veterinarian check them to ensure that they are as healthy as they supposed to be and avoid infecting other frogs in your colony.
Although frogs may seem to be a very unusual pet, still a lot of people want them.
But having the desire to own one is not enough because to ensure that you will get the best golden tree frog in the market, you need to arm yourself with some knowledge on how to properly choose one before buying.

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