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Head Tumor Symptoms


    • Obviously headaches can be the symptom of a multitude of health issues, including dehydration, flu or vitamin deficiency. If you have chronic headaches along with the other symptoms listed here, then it could be a symptom of a brain tumor.


    • Seizures are scary and when combined with headaches can make you fear that you have a brain tumor. Seizures can be the result of a reaction to medication, a thyroid dysfunction or a seizure disorder. If you have seizures accompanied by the other symptoms listed here, then a head tumor may be the cause.

    Changes in Personality or Mental Stability

    • If your family or friends notice changes in your mental functioning, or sudden and radical changes in your personality, then this could be a symptom of a brain tumor.

    Mass Effect

    • Mass effect is a term used to define a combination of vomiting, drowsiness, and swollen nerves in the eyes. This can be a strong symptom of a brain tumor when combined with the other common symptoms.

    Sensory Problems

    • Sensory problems include problems in speech, hearing, touch, or any of the other areas of sensory perception.

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