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Taming Cockatiels- 3 Facts to Know About Cockatiels Before Taming Them!

Cockatiels can be quite the handful if you don't know how to tame them properly. They can screech, squawk, bite and even pluck their own feathers out continuously if they are not tamed. Taming these little creatures can be very fun as long as you know all the simple little tricks and secrets. Even before that's begun however, there are a few things we should go over about your feathered friends personality. 

You get to know your family well, you get to know your friends well, you even try to understand your lover, but isn't it time to start understanding your pet cockatiel? Taming cockatiels is very important; after all, you do live with them every day. 

For starters, Here are three major insights that will help you understand a cockatiel. 

1) As much as you love your bird, you should be aware that this little species may have a mild case of ADHD. Cockatiels are fun because they are filled with energetic interactive traits and are full of personality. They are not necessarily the calm, lade back, watch life roll by types. They originate of active communities of their own kind. They like to interact, get involved and receive real attention. Just like humans, If they don't get certain needs met, they feel very wound up and it will show in their behavior in disturbing ways. 

In this way, your cockatiel can also be compared to a pet dog that is somewhat hyperactive. Many dog owners notice if they don't walk their dog regularly, the dog is more aggressive in nature and more prone to biting. As you study and read about cockatiels, you will learn how to handle them properly, provide them with the right toys, and even give them a certain amount of time out of their cage in a safe area. When these needs are met, behavior begins to turn around drastically. 

2) As you give your cockatiel attention, you don't want to be an enabler. What do I mean by this? When these little guys start plucking their feathers viciously, they usually want attention. Don't go over and give them attention right then. Instead, walk over after they stop plucking and play with them some. They will learn that self abuse is not a good cry for help but good behavior receives love and attention. 

3) The next thing to know is that your cockatiel loves variety. They like toys to be changed up occasionally. Even change the scenery of their cage some every couple weeks. It's amazing what an impact this can have on a bird. Cages should be wide and if possible contain several perch levels. Plastic cages tend to be best. These birds come from a wild and active social background but doing these things will make your home a much better place. 

This is just the beginning of understanding your cockatiel. The real exciting secrets of handling them and taming them is fun and easy when you know the right methods. People are actually shocked when they discover these secrets. That also means no loud chirping, hissing, feather biting etc. 

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