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How to Build a Buggy Pony Harness

    How to make a Buggy Pony Harness

    • 1). Begin by measuring your pony. You need to measure him from withers to poll, then from withers around the chest, around the belly where the cinch would normally lie, and from withers to the dock of the tail. Write these measurements down and keep them handy.

    • 2). Using the washable marker, trace a template of your harness onto you leather. You need a chest and neck strap, a surcingle for the belly, a backstrap, and reins. Make sure you use the measurements you have just taken in the above step.

    • 3). Cut your leather to these measurements. You are cutting straps, so you may make them as wide, or as narrow as you like. But make them wide and thick enough to be durable. Harness is meant to stand work, so do not make it flimsy! You may choose to use other material, such as nylon or canvas, just make sure it is heavy enough to stand the use.

    • 4). Attach your buckles and hardware to the ends of your straps. You want to make sure they are in easy access spots of the harness, and that they are easy to attach and remove. Sew these on with triple stitching to make sure they are as durable as the rest of the harness.

    • 5). Try your harness on our pony and make certain it fits. Always test your harness without the buggy before hitching up. It is necessary to you and your pony's safety to make sure that all the belts, straps and buckles fit securely before attempting your first drive with your new harness.

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