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Colt CCO Specifications

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      The Colt Concealed Carry Officer (CCO) is a model 1911 pistol designed specifically for concealed carry. Colt no longer produces the CCO pistol. However, you can still find the CCO through used gun stores, online auctions or private sales. The pistol is essentially the combination of two models of Colt pistols: the Colt Officer's model and the Colt Commander. The Colt CCO pistol is chambered to use .45 ACP ammunition.

    The Lower Receiver

    • The lower receiver comes from a Colt Officer's model, the compact version of the Government model 1911 pistol. The receiver has a blued finish, is lightweight and is made of an aluminum alloy. The hammer on the CCO features a loop and the magazine capacity is six rounds, the same as the Officer's model.

    The Upper Receiver

    • The upper receiver, or slide assembly, of the Colt CCO is taken from a Colt Commander. The barrel is 4.25 inches long, which is slightly shorter than the 5-inch barrel of the full size model but longer then the 3.5-inch barrel of the Colt Officer's model. The pistol is produced with a matte stainless-steel finish.

    • The Colt CCO pistol features angled dovetailed sights, which are designed with rounded edges to prevent the weapon from catching on clothing when being drawn from the holster. The sights are slightly higher than on conventional Colt 1911 pistols to provide the shooter faster target acquisition.

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