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How to Build Backyard Deck

    • 1). Use a tape measure to measure the size of your backyard deck. Write down all the dimensions so that you can properly calculate how much material you will need.

    • 2). Place a deck pier in each corner. These concrete footings are pre-fabricated and provide a base for the floor joists.

    • 3). Line up the deck piers in three rows, one row down each length and one in the center, all parallel to each other. Snap a line to make sure that each row is plumb and straight.

    • 4). Build your deck frame around the deck piers using 2-by-6 boards. They should form a square. Connect them together at the ends with 16-penny nails.

    • 5). Lay 2-by-4 floor joists perpendicular across the deck piers 16 inches on center. They will lay flat inside the deck pier slots. Attach the ends of the boards to the deck frame with 2 1/2 inch wood screws.

    • 6). Place 2-by-6 inch deck boards across the floor joists. Place a 16-penny nail between the boards to leave a gap. Attach the deck boards to the floor joists with 2 1/2 inch deck screws. Use a screw gun to speed up the process.

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