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Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes for the Cars video game on PlayStation 2 are entered at the cheat menu.

Unlock All Cars
Cheat code: YAYCARS

Fast Start
Cheat code: IMSPEED

Infinite Boost
Cheat code: VROOOOM

Unlock Master's Speedy Circiut and Master's Countdown Cleanup
Cheat code: TRGTEXC

Unlocks All Tracks And Mini Games
Cheat code: MATTL66

Unlocks All Tracks And Mini Games
Cheat code: IF900HP

Unlocks Art
Cheat code: CONC3PT

Unlocks Movie Clips
Cheat code: WATCHIT

All Car Colors and Variations
Cheat code: R4MONE

Have More Cheats?

If you have another cheat for this video game please send it in and we will add it to our video game cheats index shortly.

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