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How to Cook Delicious Koshihikari

Koshihikari is delicious I come and introduce one.
Koshihikari becomes more delicious, and, with one how to cook, it is objecting in taste less than cheap, old rice.
I become extremely delicious, but comment on delicious how to cook with a general rice cooker when I cook it with an earthenware pot.
(1) Cleansed rice I wash it with plentiful water quickly.
Because absorbing water power is strong, rice will not let I wash in particular the first はすば and breathe a smell of rice bran together.
I put the rice which I measured in the slightly bigger bowl which I filled with plentiful water at a stretch and wash it quickly and throw away water immediately.
I exchange four or five times water and wash it afterwards.
Washing rice I say that it polishes it, but I push U.
and rice, and the reason is because it rubs it together.
I lose rice bran coming with the surface of rice by doing it this way and drop it.
However, it is not necessary I put power because rice cleaning technology progresses now, and to polish it.
On the contrary, in what I lay too much emphasis on, rice cracks and is broken when I cooked it.
The no-rinse rice which does not work of trouble to inquire into is popularity now.
But after all rice is (~~) that there is not an actual feeling unless I polish it by oneself personally.
But water is 冷たいんですよね ~.
in winter (2) The amount of water It is OK with quantity of water according to a scale of a rice cooker.
I am wimpy, and please do the amount of water of a tortoise, hardening for preference.
In addition, Because there is much content of water, new rice makes water a little small in comparison with old rice slightly.
Please be careful when ですので is the rice which I got.
In the case of no-rinse rice, water of one normal surcharge is an appropriate amount.
(3) Absorbing water I will let you absorb water at least for around 1 hour for 30 minutes or more in the summertime.
Cook it with absorbing water time; of agari A difference is considerably reflected on a degree plumply.
But because is not a thing to be good so as to be long if absorbing water time is long; attention.
Rice is broken when I let too much you breathe it for a long time.
When there is not a time to spare to let you absorb water, it is not water Please dip it into hot water.
I finish a little it by time.
あ, boiling water are no use.
It is boiled.
It is :-) with tepid water.
Not to mention water to use, water and mineral water of a water purifier are preferable than city water.
Absorbing water service such as ion water is common in super recently, too.
When I wash it, the first had better not be city water either.
In addition, mineral water recommends soft water of lower than hardness 100.
If the hardness is high, calcium sticks to the surface of rice, and the reason is because it disturbs that rice absorbs water.
(4) Cooking rice Because it is a rice cooker, please push a switch (whether you do not forget to sometimes push it) ) that I do it well.
In the case of timer cooking rice, please be careful so that absorbing water time does not become too long (as for what I set a timer before sleeping at night, and is cooked when I got up in the morning) ) which I cannot recommend from a point of view of a taste.
If cooking rice is over It is rice をさっくり to return it with a rice scoop immediately from a bottom of a pot I mix 切 るよううに.
Please be careful not to crush it.
When Koshihikari in particular lays too much emphasis because there is tenacity, and it mixes it, it seems to become a rice cake.
Steam it, and time is necessary, but steam the present rice cooker after rice was originally cooked; it is just; completion passes.
I think that it is 蒸 らしが must use, and rice どうしが hardens when I leave it.
(5) How to eat Although フーフー is good, I eat steaming rice!  Really delicious Koshihikari has sweetness slightly and I am delicious and can have it even if against it without a side dish with that alone.
Thermal insulation with a rice cooker is short as possible.
Taste declines so as to stand if time passes (electricity bill もかかるんですよ ).
) If can do it, eat; want each time to cook it.
When I remained, thinness can spread and wraps it in a lap, and let's refrigerate it.

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