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Dating?Or Just Hanging Out Together?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know just how serious someone is about you.
You ask yourself if he is just playing the game, taking it slowly or just not that into you.
It can be puzzling to the extent of causing anxiety and taking your concentration away from your school or college studies.
Here are a few indications to show you if the guy you really like is actually into you, just wants to "hang out" or not date at all: If he only visits in the late evening for sex - you need to be aware that he is just using you.
When a guy is serious about a girl, he will want to be with her almost all the time.
Dating is so much more than sex.
You don't want to be seen as just a booty call.
If he's doing this to you, drop him like a hot pretzel.
You deserve respect.
You deserve more.
Besides which, you have to wonder where he is the rest of the time he isn't with you.
When a guy is serious about you, he will choose to spend all his time with you, even taking you along to sports events.
He could be out with his friends, but he would rather be in your company - this takes a certain amount of commitment on his part.
This is the time when you need to speak to him and ask him to be your boyfriend even if you are hooking up.
This will probably confirm to both of you what you already suspected anyway - but removes all doubt.
You both need to respect one another's space.
If a guy takes you out and insists on paying for movies, meals, entrance fees etc.
, he is most likely trying his best to impress you and claim you as his girlfriend.
If you feel the same way about him, things will move on naturally at their own speed and you will soon be dating openly, and your friends will be well aware of the situation.
You may find a guy like this may never get around to actually asking you to be his girlfriend.
By paying for everything, he will feel that it's automatically acknowledged by you as a given fact that you are his girlfriend.
Don't be shy about asking guys out.
It's okay to be assertive.
It's bold and empowering.
80% of guys like to be asking out by girls.
After all, it can take the pressure off them.
If you let him know you are serious about dating, he will certainly reciprocate or let you know if he is not interested at all.
This puts an end to all the guessing games.
You don't need to be chasing a stone when you could be missing a diamond.
The bottom line is - give respect where respect is due.
Don't let guys use you for their own pleasure and then drop you.
Don't get too serious too quickly.
Recognize the signs that he is interested in being your boyfriend and get to know him well.
Remember not to encroach on one another's space to the extent that school or college work takes second place.
Long after graduation, you may well find that the guy you were interested in no longer holds the same fascination for you.
Your education and career must never take a back seat.
Enjoy the present, accept your responsibilities towards your studies and keep your future career within view at all times.
Never ever allow yourself to get carried away with dating.
Certainly, you don't want to live with regrets later on when it comes to following your all-important career.

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