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Introduction to Data Mining Process

Data mining, Data recovery process definition data. It is very important now days because the information is processed, usually stored for later is a company mainly for security reasons. Change the data processing, and whether the withdrawal of many sources of information and retrieve information if the person is a way.

It is usually marketing, scientific knowledge and research, fraud detection and control, and many others, and most of the work is done in a computer is used. The definition of different terms, data snooping, data mining, fishing and dredging data for all the information that you enter the department office. Form the definition of data mining data to find out that he can connect.

Data mining methods have been for centuries, and are used today. His first identify the data extraction methods are essentially two: regression analysis and Bays theorem. These methods have never been used now days because a lot of people and technology has really changed the whole system.

Or future use of computers and technology, it is much faster and easier to store information. The computer is easy and a good knowledge of data mining in more detail and how that information is collected and processed through the computer can learn.

The computer is of course that sharpens their skills and indexing said identification and data mining is more common. Studying computer science might want to know: clustering, decision trees and Support Vector Machines some units that are on your computer.

It's all about him, and that the information is applicable to all. Government institutions, small businesses and supermarkets use the information.

The main reason is that most companies use data mining to assist in data collection, data and observations, the company goes through his daily activities. This information is very important for every company profile and review of the future, if the problem just has to be updated.

Companies that primarily ROI indexed access to data, and they know what they gain or loss on a short time can do. If a company or business profits to customers that they sell them so that the benefits of an enterprise's organizational role and do more to provide a very important human resources department of this work, the performance characteristics to identify the characteristics of a person to help.

Most people who use this method believe that it is ethically neutral. How is it currently used for information security and confidentiality of members raises many questions. Data mining is a good preparation for a variety of information, including those that require privacy can be exposed to the needs of the state.

This is a very common throughout the data collection.

The pooling of information from different sources and assembles, so that typically might be analyzed individually, and this information can be very safe. So, if the information is collected, it is important to know whether any of the following:

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