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An Eyelid Lift and Its Benefits Explained

An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, is another cosmetic procedure that is not always performed solely for the enhancement of one's appearance.
While this surgery can effectively restore the youthful look and feel of the upper eye area, vision can also be vastly improved as a result.
Read on for a description of the actual procedure and a discussion on the benefits of a blepharoplasty.
The Procedure At times patients are awake during their surgery, while others are under a twilight anesthesia.
The cosmetic surgeon will create the incision in a natural crease in the lid, remove the excess tissue, and then stitch the area.
While this operation is sometimes done in conjunction with other facial cosmetic procedures like browlifts or facelifts, it can yield noticeably positive results on its own.
After only 2-3 days, patients can resume most of their regular activities.
However, bruising can last up to 2-4 weeks.
A few days following the removal of stitches, which is usually within the first week, makeup can be worn again and will assist in camouflaging the discoloration.
For this reason of quick recovery and minimal invasiveness, this simple cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity.
The Benefits Benefits of undergoing an eyelid lift are many.
Renewed confidence and success in reversing the toll that age takes in the eye region are among the reasons patients opt for this procedure.
Patients report looking more awake and alert, as the actual eye opening is enlarged.
When the droop of the upper lid is removed, years are erased from the face.
There are times when those with naturally more narrow eyes choose this surgery to actually reshape their eyes and give them a wider, larger look.
Patients whose eyesight is impaired due to the upper lid drooping will enjoy great improvement and sometimes full reversal of their vision blockage.
This is done by opening up and enlarging the field of vision, also benefiting peripheral vision.
It is under this circumstance that patients may receive insurance coverage for this particular cosmetic surgery.
And of course, these patients will also enjoy looking younger and more refreshed as welcomed fringe benefit.
The safety that is inherent in an eyelid lift makes it very attractive to more cautious patients.
The increasing numbers of cosmetic surgeons who authorize various payment options make it appealing to those on a budget.
It is easy to understand how this is gaining momentum and helping more and more patients see better and feel more confident.
For more information on this and other elective procedures, contact your local cosmetic surgeon.

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