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The Naked Truth About Anti Aging Products

Anti ageing products have become very popular in the last decade, making them some of the top consumer products that women buy.
However, did you know that about 1 in 5 consumers are unsatisfied with the results of their anti aging creams? In a man a wrinkle can mean character but in a women its a scary sign of aging that makes them look older.
Finding the right anti ageing products, creams, lotions is important in order to keep your skin smooth, wrinkle free and bright.
One of the greatest concerns for any women that wants to use anti ageing products is what are the most effective? and which ones are safe to use? Unfortunately although there are hundreds of anti wrinkle creams that are suppose to make you look younger, most of them contain harsh chemicals that hurt the skin and are not safe to use.
Anti ageing Ingredients Some of the common ingredients used in anti wrinkle creams are: Vitamin A which helps diminish the depth fo wrinkles.
Vitamin C which has a brightening effect and helps to boost circulation and collagen production.
Alpha-Hydroxy Acids(AHAs) improve skins appearance by taking off dead cells from the skin surface.
Retinoids which are chemicals that make the skin produce more cells.
However I want to warn you that although those are some of the most used ingredients for anti ageing products that does not mean that they are the most effective and safest to use.
You should know that AHAs cause irritation which can make the skin swell slightly and padding out fine lines.
It also makes the skin more susceptible to UV damage.
Also retinoids can irritate the skin, so it may cause dryness, flaky skin, itching, redness and soreness.
I'm telling you this so you can be aware that most of the popular anti wrinkle cream products contain chemicals that can be very hard for your skin and produce secondary effects and in some cases even produce more wrinkles.
What you have to do is buy anti aging creams that do not contain chemicals and that are made of organic or natural ingredients that come from plant extracts.
Great natural ingredients for wrinkle creams are vitamins, Avocado, Manuka Honey, Seeds, Coenzyme Q10, CynergyTk and other natural ingredients.
Some of the best natural ingredients come from New Zeland and have very powerful anti aging effects.

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