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Accessorising a Custom Wedding Dress

A custom wedding dress is already unique by its nature.
There are two reasons, in particular, that make them a great choice for the bride who has a slightly different preferences or taste from the norm.
First of all, brides can play around with the fabric and details as much as they want, with the expert guidance of the designer or the seamstress, of course.
Secondly, there are plenty of beautiful, one-of-a-kind bridal accessories to make the dress even more special.
The following ideas will elevate a bride's unique look even more.
Vintage Inspired Jewellery For some cosmic reason, brides have a natural glow on their wedding day, so it doesn't actually take too much more to make their bridal attire amazing.
However, many brides may feel they need something else to finish off the ensemble, something that will somehow tie together the whole look and transform their dress into something magical.
Carefully selected vintage or vintage-inspired jewellery will do the trick admirably.
For brides who are commissioning a custom wedding dress with a low neckline, a statement necklace will make them look more elegant but not necessarily take the attention away from or clash with the dress.
For brides who are planning to have a bridal hair 'updo', wearing vintage earrings featuring brightly coloured gemstones, such as emeralds, sapphires, or rubies, that match the wedding motif are also a great idea.
Hair Accessories Other Than a Veil Brides who commission a custom wedding dress are typically looking for something different, which uniquely reflects their personality.
One perfect way to do that is to finish off their custom dress with a standout hair accessory.
While many brides go for a simple veil, that certainly isn't the only option.
Wearing a flower crown, a tiara, or a sparkly headband isn't too over-the-top, depending on the style of the dress of course.
The key is to choose a hair accessory that complements the gown perfectly, as well as matching the overall wedding theme.
Planning to wear a bohemian bridal ensemble? Opt for a flower crown rather than a veil.
Going for a Roaring Twenties wedding theme? Wear a bejewelled headband or a nice, silk headband.
The options are limited only by your imagination.
Glamorous Gloves Wedding gloves may be a little tricky to work in with a custom wedding dress, but if you're determined to have them, it can be done in a very stylish way.
Gloves can make or break a bridal look, and there are specific styles that absolutely do not go suit them.
For instance, gloves are obviously not the ideal accessories for barn or beach weddings! However, for brides who have chosen a classic bridal gown design, glamorous gloves can add a touch of elegance to the entire ensemble.
Gloves can go especially well for an evening wedding held in a formal indoor venue.

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