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How Do I Transfer Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007?

    Export Outlook 2003 Contacts

    • 1). Open Outlook 2003, click "File" and then select "Import and Export" from the menu. The Import and Export dialog box will open.

    • 2). Select "Export to a file" from the list of options, click "Next," choose "Personal Folder File (.pst)" from the list of options as the file type and then select "Next."

    • 3). Choose "Contacts" from your mailbox and then click "Next" to continue. Enter a name for the file by typing in the box next to the "Browse" button and then selecting "Next."

    • 4). Click "Browse" and then select a location on your PC to export the file to, select "Next" and then choose "Finish." You have successfully exported your Outlook 2003 contacts.

    Import Outlook 2003 Contacts into Outlook 2007

    • 1). Open Outlook 2007, click "Tools" and then select "Import and Export." A dialog box will open. Choose "Import from another program or file" from the list of options and then select "Next."

    • 2). Select "Personal Folder File (.pst)" from the list, click "Next," select "Browse" and then locate the Outlook 2003 file you exported. Select the file and click "Open."

    • 3). Choose "Import Internet Mail and Addresses," select "Next," choose "Outlook Express" and then click "Next." Be sure that the "Import mail" and "Import Address book" boxes are both checked.

    • 4). Select the "Do not import duplicates" option if you have not created any similar entries in your Outlook 2007 address book. You also have the option of choosing between the "Replace duplicates with items imported" or "Allow duplicates to be created" options. Choose an option and then select "Finish."

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