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How to Make Pleated Roman Blinds

    Measuring and Choosing Fabric

    • 1). First, you must decide if you want the Roman Blind to hang inside or outside the window frame. Measure the width and the height of the window. Add 1-inch allowance on the top and sides and a 7-inch allowance for the pleats and hem line. Choose your fabric by either purchasing the fabric or reusing other fabric you may already own. You can either purchase white sheeting fabric or you can use a white sheet for the blinds' lining.

    • 2). Transfer your measurements to the fabric and cut out the pieces. You will cut equal-sized pieces of both the blind fabric and the white sheeting fabric. Next, pin the pieces to each with right sides together. Sew a 5/8-inch seam across the top and down each side of the blinds. Fold the bottom under creating a 1 1/2-inch pocket on the bottom and place a seam along the edge of the fold to hold the pocket in place.

    • 3). Measure and fold over six 1-inch sections of fabric, evenly spaced apart, creating pleats on the back of the blinds. Pin them into place with sewing pins. Sew a seam along the fold creating six 1-inch pockets in the back of the blinds. Insert a dowel rod inside each pocket and hand sew them closed on each end. Hand sew three rows of the plastic rings, evenly spaced across each fold on the back of the blinds. There should be one on each end and one in the middle of each fold. Thread the nylon cord through all the rings and knot it at each end.

    • 4). Sew a strip of Velcro to the back of the top of the blinds. Screw in three of the eyelet screws underneath the wood batten. Line them up with the three rows of rings on the blinds. Place a fourth eyelet screw on the far right side of the wooden batten. Hang the cleat up on the window frame where you would like the nylon cord to hang. Apply a strip of self-adhesive Velcro to the window frame and a strip on both sides of the wood batten. Attach the wood batten to the blinds and thread the nylon cord through the eyelet screws and then attach the blinds to the window frame. Adjust accordingly.

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