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Seduction Secrets To Attract ANY Girl Part 3

Most men, when they get focused on one woman, and their whole world now starts to revolve around this one woman, they don't even care what the woman is really like. All they can see is how she looks on the "outside." Men slip into this "fantasy world" where this woman can do no wrong. She's "perfect." And they'll continue pining over this one woman even when she treats the man like trash.

Don't ever do that. Moreover, if you ever see a woman who's just being a bitch or a jerk to others around her (not just to men who are approaching her, but to everyone), then I want you to never give her the time of day no matter how hot you think she looks!

Can you promise to do that? Good. Listen… with what I will share with you on this website, you'll be able to walk up to the hottest women around and get her to go out with you and have her enjoy it!

So, if you're able to pick up the most beautiful women out there, doesn't it just make sense to also pick women who have a great personality as well?? Why settle for women who are bitter, or clingy, or just plain psychos! They're only going to make your life miserable, no matter how good they look on the "outside."

Never put a woman on a pedestal, especially when you don't even know what she's like "as a person." Sure, she may look like a supermodel on the "outside," but she could be a total bitch, and just a bad person, on the inside. I want you to realize right now that "good looks" are not enough! You deserve more than that! And you can get it!

In fact, I want you to go one step further! Whenever you see a woman you'd like to talk to, I want you to approach her with a mindset that says "I am here to see if YOU are good enough for ME!" I don't care how ‘hot" she looks.

That's right! I want you to honestly approach every woman with that attitude. Gone are the days where you have to beg for HER approval. From this day forth, it is the woman's job to impress YOU, to prove to you that they're worth YOUR time.

When you start to truly believe that, you will be amazed at the number of women that will want to be with you. I'm not joking here, at all. So, I want you to start practising that mindset, okay? Please do it, it will turn you into the kind of man women will be drawn to… you'll become a "babe magnet!"

If you don't do it, you'll continue to get the same results with women that you were getting before. Women will also test you quite a bit, no matter how well you approach them. It's often an unconscious reaction on her part. She may not even realize that she's doing it, at times.

She's testing you to see whether you're a "real" man or not. She's testing you to see whether you'll just sit there and take whatever she dishes out, or if you'll stand your ground. She wants to see whether you'll agree to everything she says or if you have a mind of your own.

Most importantly, she's testing you to see if you're strong enough to protect her when the sh*t hits the fan. Or, will you run off at the first sign of trouble? Remember that. It is extremely important for your success with women. Women will always test you! So be ready for it.

Women will purposely disagree with you and they may purposely try to push your buttons, just to see how you handle yourself in that situation. And, when they do, don't get mad. Don't get angry. Just calmly tell her how you really feel about the situation. If needed, you will also have to "put her in her place."

You may think that women will be turned off by this and leave. But, they won't.

They may "pretend" to get upset or hurt for the moment, but in fact, they'll thank their lucky stars that they finally found a man who has the guts to be honest with her! To disagree with her instead of being a "yes man." And, she'll be impressed that you put her in her place instead of putting up with her crap… whether that "crap" was real or just a test.

Have you ever wondered why men who are total jerks always get all the women? Doesn't that make you think that women are stupid? Or that they love abusive men? Believe it or not, that is not the case.

These jerks get all the women because they walk around with an attitude of "not giving a crap." If a woman doesn't respond to him like he wants, he doesn't care. He just walks off. Because he knows that there are hundreds of women out there.

Jerks are also not afraid to speak their mind. If a woman tries to boss him around or be unreasonable, or "test" him, he will not hesitate to let her have it (verbally, of course.) Women are drawn to men like that. Not because women are stupid and only want to date jerks. Not at all. It's because women can sense that "I don't care if she says no" attitude in these jerks. That's what most women find attractive.

Also, when women try to push them around, even if it's just to see how tough they are, these jerks will put the woman in her place quick. Without even blinking. That's what women are drawn to. Now you know why women often end up with jerks when there are so many "nice guys" around that will do anything she asks for. Obviously, I don't want you to become a jerk.

You can still be a gentleman, you can still be "nice." BUT, I want you to adopt a similar mindset of "not giving a crap if the woman doesn't respond to you favorably" because there are plenty other women out there for you. Also, don't ever let her walk all over you or she'll quickly lose respect for you.

Don't be afraid to give it to the woman (verbally) when she's being rude, obnoxious, or just a plain ol' bitch. Walk around with that attitude and women will be drawn to you like moths to a flame! I kid you not.

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