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Arrange Marriage

We all are familiar with the term Arrange Marriage & Love Marriage. When a boy or a girl meets each other, both of them likes one another and start falling in love making a perfect match for a love or a arrange marriage. It is believed that a pair for a perfect Life partner is made in heaven and which is universally followed by us. In India, though we are modernized and following the western trend majority of people still follow arrange marriage. However, falling in love & love marriage is not considered as a norm in India.

Choosing a Life partner and getting into relationship of marriage is an important decision of every individual. However, in India arranged marriage is looked as an act love and getting committed into a relationship. It is essential that one should plan and take proper decision for the marriage. Today, in India with the help of Matrimonial Sites the young boy (groom)and girl(bride) themselves take the decision of choosing their own Life partner which happens in Love Marriage and that is accepted, but it is also suggested that they should also welcome the comment or suggestions from their parents or elders in the family. In arrange marriage the family and the elders keep in mind many points in choosing the perfect match for their son/daughter.

Several key points are taken care of in scrutinizing the Groom for the marriage. They can be listed as, Does the boy will appear a good husband or father in future? Is he having a well settled business or a permanent job for his livelihood? Is he having any bad record in past which could affect their daughter in future? Similarly, Brides also come under certain factors, since the bride would be the honor and pride factor for the in-laws family, the girl should be in disciplined manner? Does she have the makings of a good wife and a mother? Is she going to work or will prefer to stay at home and manage her family? One of the most important factor considered from both ends of Indian Brides/ Grooms are they physically or mentally prepared to tie their wedding knot.

Family status and background also plays a vital and important role in love or arrange marriage. It is always said that, the behavior or nature of the bride or a Groom depends on how well disciplined and mannered their respective family is? Parents from bride side looks that if the groom's family is a respected and having a respect in society, similarly grooms parents take care of scrutinizing if the family have given good values to the bride.

Once there is background check of both the boy and girl along with their family status, the stage comes into picture and that is the interview round for the 2 families along with boy/girl. Marriages in past where decided by the elders or parents without asking or taking the feedback of the young boys & girls, however this trend is getting changed these days. Today, feedback from the girl or boy is welcomed once they meet each other during the interview or family meeting under the strict observations of the parents. If any one from the 2 deny's or does not want to tie wedding knot with the opposite, the proposal of marriage is seemed to be cancelled and it is hardly seen parents forcing their child to get into such relationship.

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