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Two Poems: Festive Faith and The Final Farewell

The Final Farewell I don't know what I'm going to say when I have to face my final farewell - Not sure if anyone knows for certain! I've thought about it, even practiced such lines as: "See you soon, baboon!" or "See you later alligator!" to make things light on the living.
How about a simple but serious: "By for now.
" You see it's not so simple when it comes right down to it.
I've even taken a personal inventory, like St.
Paul did, to examine what I'd leave behind.
I mean, will I be leaving things better or worse? That is to say: more good than bad or more bad than good behind? This is the long goodbye I'm talking about, not the one where one goes to the grocery store and returns with a bag full.
This is the one, one must trust everything to somebody, and I mean everything, and that somebody is the Lord; the very last adios that Pope Francis calls the final "Addio!" So I ask, what am I to say on that short day? To write as a ditty or note, my last words on earth? I've come to the conclusion today to leave this in the hands of the Holy Spirit.
Why? Because it is the last teachings I will ever receive on earth, and it must be taught by the Holy Spirit, and by no other, and taught at that specific moment, why? Is it not said: he who takes the wrong road makes the journey twice? And my dear friends, there will not be any twice this time.
No: 4770/5-19-2015 Festive Faith I've tried to live life festively, yet I've added: perseverance, loyalty, unity, heart and feeling to my menu, too! I've tried to share my wealth- And I have never forgotten the Church-as indolent as I may be in attending-is Christ's bride.
Celebrating life is one thing, as agrees Pope Francis, but adds: Bishops need no use religion for something lacking, and for nuns and monks to stop vice, envy, and jealousy- He tells us to read Mathew, the Beatitudes and Deuteronomy for first fruits.
To me, it all comes down to two things: first, there can be too much of a good thing, and second: Heaven help us, for what men do in the name of good! No: 4767 (May 16, 2015) Poem was inspired by Pope Francis, during one of his speeches in May of 2015.

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