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Video: Making Crackers From Cheese With Parchment Paper

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Angie from, and today we're going to make crackers out of cheese on parchment paper. We are making cheese crisps and these are very easy. They're great for appetizers that you can make and they're not expensive and this is what they look like. It's just basically cheese and herbs and spices or whatever you can improvise. You can change your spices in there. But it's a great thing to serve at a party or when you're having company over. It's even good if you want to take it and top off a salad with it. But I use Parmesan cheese and I grate my own cheese because if you buy the pre-grated cheese a lot of times it's going to have corn starch in it or flour to keep it from gunking up and sticking together and in this recipe it's a little too much and you don't get the same effect or turn out in the end. But I have here I have two ounces of Parmesan cheese grated and one teaspoon of all purpose flour and I put it in a cuisine art and then I'm going to run it around a bit. I also have a little bit of dried onion flakes and this just helps give it a little more flavor and I have let's see one teaspoon of the dried onion flakes. And you want to grind it until it's finely ground. And once this is ground to where it is pretty fine I just take it and I put it in a plastic baggy because this just makes it really easy to deal with. And this is my cheese and flour and onions in my little baggy. And then I'm going to take garlic powder and that's a fourth a teaspoon of garlic powder. And this is black sesame seeds and that's what kind of gives it the nice looking presentation and this is one teaspoon. You can also if you can't find the black sesame seeds you can use poppy seeds. And then these are just plain sesame seeds. So a teaspoon of these. And then I just put it in here and shake it up. And that's basically all you do. And then once you've got that all mixed up, then I take a baking sheet that I've lined with parchment paper and I like to serve this with the little crisps that are made out of salami and I try and match the same size cutter to my salami so they plate well together. And then I put my little cutter down and then I just sprinkle a little bit of cheese in my cutter. And mash it down. And then that's all there is to it. And then you put them in your oven at 350 degrees and you bake them for about eight minutes till they're nice and gold in color. And you got to let them cool while they're on your sheet pan or otherwise they'll break or they'll bend. They're very pliable when they're hot. Let them cool and once they cool then you have a nice appetizer. Again I'm Angie and you just learned how to make crackers out of cheese and parchment paper.

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