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How to Set Up a Macintosh

  • 1). Make sure your desk or table is near an electric outlet and a phone jack.

  • 2). Carefully remove equipment from the packing cartons.

  • 3). Make sure you have everything that should have come in the boxes, including power cords for each piece of equipment. Each box should include a packing list.

  • 4). Position the equipment on your desk. If the computer is a mini-tower, it can go on the floor as long as it has space behind it for ventilation.

  • 5). Plug the mouse into the keyboard. Match the icon on the mouse plug to an icon on the keyboard. This ADB plug will only go in one way; turn it 90 degrees if you have trouble.

  • 6). Plug the keyboard into the small, round ADB port on the back of the computer. (This should be marked with the same icon as your mouse plug.)

  • 7). Connect a printer according to the manufacturer's instructions. (Printers might be connected to a number of different ports.)

  • 8). Connect any other devices, such as speakers, a microphone or an external modem. Let the icons on the back of the computer guide you, but use the port specified by the device manufacturer.

  • 9). Connect a modem to a phone jack using the supplied phone cable. Plug the phone cable into the surge suppressor if it has a phone cable connector, then plug the second cable into wall jack.

  • 10

    Connect power cords to each piece of equipment.

  • 11

    If you have an external Zip drive, connect it to the SCSI or USB port, depending on what type of drive it is.

  • 12

    Connect the monitor to the computer. The monitor port is unique; find the corresponding size and shape. Use a monitor adapter if necessary. (If you bought a non-Apple monitor this might be necessary.)

  • 13

    Tighten the hand-screws on the monitor plug.

  • 14

    Plug each piece of equipment into a surge suppressor.

  • 15

    Turn on the surge suppressor.

  • 16

    Turn on the monitor.

  • 17

    Turn on all other powered devices connected to computer.

  • 18

    Turn on the computer last.

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