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The Fun and Hot World of Male Flirting - Decode His Body Signals and Find Out If He"s Hot For You

When men start to seriously get attracted to someone, they start to become quite predictable, transparent and downright easy to please.
You don't need a crash course for special body language reading sessions - all you need is to observe these top three signs of male flirting signals and get ready for a fun and flirty night ahead.
  • He smells good.
    When out on a date, a guy is aiming to impress you basically by wearing perfume.
    Good scents can be aphrodisiacs and it's also, quite essentially, guys want you to take notice of their hygiene - and being clean is one of the most powerful ways to impress a woman.
  • He delivers a joke.
    Men can be fierce when trying to get your attention.
    Meaning, they will everything in their power for you to notice them and have your focus completely glued on them - cracking a joke is one way for him to earn your approval.
    Making laugh is a good signal for him to start flirting so take note if he's starting to astonish you with his sense of humor.
    He definitely wants to get lucky tonight.
  • He says yes to everything.
    A guy who's attracted to you will be available 24/7 - he says yes to your every whim and is an extreme gentleman.
    This is where males can get pretty weak sometimes.
    They will never say no to you and will always be there for you no matter what time of the day it is.
    Expect him to confess his feelings soon.

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