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Mosses That Are Safe for Frog Terrariums

    Java Moss

    • Java moss is typically an aquatic moss, but it can also be grown in a terrestrial form. It is safe and suitable for both aquatic and terrestrial frogs. Each form requires very moist conditions, though, and it is better to use it in terrariums housing frogs that prefer these moist conditions.

    Frog Moss

    • Frog moss, sometimes called "mood moss," is extremely well-suited to small varieties of frogs, like dart frogs. Frog moss is ideal for these species because it is very tightly packed together on the surface, and prevents tiny prey items like fruit flies and pinhead crickets from disappearing beneath it, where the frog cannot find or eat them.

    Sphagnum Moss

    • Sphagnum moss is one of the most commonly-found types available in pet stores. It is usually purchased dry, and will sprout and grow once it has a chance to "take" to the terrarium. It is perfectly safe for smaller frogs, although larger frogs may swallow and choke on the stringy pieces of dried moss when attacking live prey.

    Tropical Pillow Moss

    • Tropical pillow moss thrives in the warm, moist conditions of a tropical frog terrarium. It is safe for all frogs, but if used in a terrarium that has a cooler climate, such as that of frogs native to North America, the moss will die.

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