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You"ve Got a Friend

Are you feeling extremely happy about the way you are? Are you feeling contended with what you are doing in your life? Are you bubbling with creative energy? Are you feeling tremendously positive about the way your professional life is moving on? Are you enjoying each and every moment of your personal life? Are you able to live a life in the present feeling the aroma of the present? Are you able to laugh and cry with your near and dear ones? Are you able to lend a shoulder for somebody to cry on? Are you able to extend a hand to somebody to stand back on the feet? Are you able to enjoy the rising sun? The beauty of nature with so many different types of plants, trees, birds and animals nearby you? Are you able to live a life full of faith especially a faith in your inner self and the nature that is helping you and above all are you living a life of true purpose as discovered by your soul? If you are living a life like the above and more? You've got a friend in me.
On the other hand if you are living a lonely life, a life which is stressed out, a life where you don't have time to do what you want to really do, where you are running around with no idea where you are heading to, a life which has been full of problems and self abuse, a life you feel that did not do justice to you, a life where you felt betrayed by others, cheated by others, abused by others or vice-versa then again you've got a friend in me who understands what you are going through because sometime back he was also on the same boat.
You've got a friend: we can change our life as we want To tell you the truth, whatever the circumstances that prevails in our life as of today, we have the capacity to change it for the better or the worse.
The choice is actually in our hands and only our hands.
I have understood this from my practical experience with life so far.
I would be happy to share with you everything that I have learned so that I can motivate you towards a fuller life in any of the ways that is possible.
This can be done because the biggest truth is that we are all interconnected to each other as everything in this universe is part of a single system and all of us in some ways or the other shape and reshape each other's life.
It's an illusion of the mind to see everything separately.
We have smaller systems in the system but ultimately there is only one system that is the universe.
You've got a friend: the choice is with us Something happening at one place has a forbearing in some other part of the world and therefore all of us are interconnected to each other and either we have a choice to make our life better along with that of others or we have a choice to make our life worse along with that of others.
Anyway nothing goes on in isolation.
Everything is interconnected to one another.
You've got a friend: a true friend A friend is somebody who can influence somebody's life in a positive way without any ulterior motive or expectation.
A true friend works with a larger purpose in life to make a positive and dynamic change in his or her life as well as others who are associated with him or her.
You've got a friend in me, who shall try to help you in as many ways possible in due course of time.
My writings will touch upon many aspects of our beautiful life on mother earth and through these writings I shall try to bring the unification of nature's forces so that we can understand, we can become self-aware, awaken and live a life which is in sync with our soul and the universe.

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