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How to Improve Computer Performance Caused by Programs Loading Slowly

Windows need some time to launch a certain program and it usually takes a few seconds or more.
However, if it takes a minute or more when launching a program your PC needs some tweaking.
This scenario is very common in computer and you can improve computer performance.
Your PC follows a series of steps in loading files needed for a program to launch.
Your computer uses the registry settings to determine how to start and how to tun each program.
The registry gathers and store all the information starting from the hardware and all the software programs installed in your PC.
It is like a librarian that handles all the books in the library and if a page is missing windows slows down.
The problem with the registry is when it gets corrupted.
As soon as errors or corruption occurs in the registry windows has problems running and starting programs.
A corrupted registry is one of the biggest causes of a PC's poor performance.
The usual settings for a program to start are corrupted or missing.
If this is the case your registry will fail to allow the start of these programs and you may see DLL errors or messages warning you to reinstall programs.
This will cause your PC to freeze, hang up or sometimes fail to work at all.
Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this registry problem.
A professional registry cleaner is all it takes to fix the problem.
What the registry cleaner does is it scans the registry for all errors and missing files.
These errors and missing files can cause your PC to malfunction.
There are over a hundred registry cleaners you can find on the internet.
Some websites offer free online registry scan.
However, it is advised that you choose a professional registry cleaner for there are also many websites that offer very poor registry cleaners that can cause more problems.
A good scanner will identify errors and let you fix them in minutes.
If this is the first time you have ran a registry scan you can be sure there are a lot of errors but fixing them is fast and will improve computer performance.

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