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What Is the Cost of Owning a Swimming Pool?


    • One of the greatest costs associated with maintaining a private swimming pool is the electricity needed to warm the pool's water. A heater will cost about $10 per hour, and will probably only raise the temperature of the pool by a few degrees in that time. Although the cost will vary based on the heater, pool size and gas prices, it should be around $80 for every time you raise the temperature 10 degrees. Keep in mind that the heater will not be running at all times, only when you want to heat the pool to prepare it for swimming.


    • The pool's circulation system will add a large cost to your electricity bill if you run it regularly. If run it for 10 to 12 hours per day, it will cost around $55 per month. Again, this cost will vary based on pool size and energy price.


    • Of course, every swimming pool needs to be kept full of water. Raising the water level by 2 or 3 inches will probably cost $10 to $15, though that will also vary based on the size of the pool. Water quality needs to be maintained with chlorine sticks; a year's supply costs around $75. Other chemicals may cost up to $100 per year.

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