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Bittersweet Long Walks

There are hundreds of couples out there that need some help.
They have a good relationship but they just aren't on the same plane anymore.
To help these individuals to get from a good marriage to a great one, here are some tips to help.
It really can be as easy as taking a few of these steps to improve your marriage.
oFind time to be alone.
You need time to be together without all the distraction that the world has.
It doesn't need to be an entire day or even half of it.
Just find a few hours, even just one hour, a week to spend together.
oKeep the lines of communication open.
When you feel comfortable to tell your loved one anything and everything, that's when they will feel the same with you.
Allowing for each of you to have this type of open communication is necessary and it is often the most overlooked.
oDo something nice for each other.
You can easily jot down a few things and slip the note into your loved ones pants pocket.
You can clean up the dishes so that they will not have to.
You can run a warm bath for them.
oBalance your family life.
When everyone shares in the tasks that are out there, everyone can enjoy the quality time that is left over.
You both work hard all day, so make sure that you both take care of the dinner chores, the bedtime routine and the housework.
That will get it done twice as fast and leave you some time together.
Also, make sure that you and your loved one spend time bonding with the kids.
Both of you should commit to providing for them.

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