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Vacationing in colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is a treat for the whole family.
The town is also a popular destination for student field trips.
Tourists and visitors are immersed in the 18th century colonial past of Williamsburg through themed tour packages and festivals.
There are special concerts, lectures, and exhibits dedicated to the history of Williamsburg as the capital of Virginia during the colonial era.
Even private homes take part in the historic exhibits on special occasions like Christmas, when tourists can experience a colonial holiday celebration.
To complete the experience, tourists are encouraged to check in colonial-era hotels in the Historic Area.
These are colonial houses that were used by the founding families.
The fully restored houses are furnished with authentic period antiques and reproductions.
The houses vary in size--from a small room housed within a tavern to big houses with as many as 16 rooms that can accommodate as many as 28 guests.
There are also meal and tour packages specifically for couples, families or big groups.
If you want to do more exploring for yourself instead of following a group tour, private tour guides are available.
This way you can ask for a more in-depth tour of colonial Williamsburg that caters to your interests.
If you would like to see more scenic views and landscapes, you may want to check out lodgings at the nearby bay front houses close to the historic bay resort of the Windmill Point, Virginia.
To savor the authentic American experience of bed and breakfast lodging, check out the many facilities and inns that feature colonial architecture and decorations.
And after a trip down colonial history, head to the Busch Gardens and Water Country USA theme parks a few miles outside Williamsburg.

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