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Problems With Intimacy - Working Your Way Through

Is your relationship plagued with problems with intimacy and you don't know how to get past it? Have you tried to understand the distance your husband has taken from you, but he won't open up and talk about his intimacy problems? Are you afraid these problems with intimacy could end up ruining your marriage? When either partner in a relationship begins to pull away it can be a sign of something more troubling than just a lack of sexual interest.
If you've been experiencing problems with intimacy, read on to see how you can solve them and move on.
Patience and Time If you've always been close and open with one another and this problem is relatively new, give your man a little time to deal with this new aspect of your relationship.
Perhaps you're even aware of troubles at work, problems with his family or stress due to the ill health of a loved one.
These are all factors that can greatly affect a man's desire and need for intimacy.
When the problem persists, sit down to talk to him, but make sure it is in a calm and non-confrontational way.
If you come on the attack, he'll simply retreat and go on the defensive.
Rocky Relationship Intimacy can become an undesirable aspect of a relationship if there are serious problems outside the bedroom.
If you're constantly bickering and picking each other apart, there's little chance things will heat up when you're suddenly feeling romantic.
Don't let the problems that plague your marriage spill over and ruin the intimacy you once had.
Don't assume that he'll still have the hots for you even though you've just spent the last hour ripping him apart.
Yes, certain arguments can heat things up and make for some great make up sex, but beware of arguments that have you attacking one another to the point of no return.
Haunting Past Whether the troubles are new or they've been there since you've met him, there is a possibility that his problems are due to past traumas.
It could be from as far back as his childhood or it could be as recent as the last relationship he was in.
In cases like this, it can be difficult to get him to open up and talk.
Sometimes, professional help may be the only way you'll get past the blockage.
Be understanding and compassionate as you help your mate work through this.
And What if You're the Problem? Women can also have their share of troubles.
In addition to the problematic childhoods and painful relationships that men face, many women also have to deal with hormones that can sometimes play havoc with their mood and their sexual desire.
Guys can sometimes be completely in the dark about these things, and they're usually not in a rush to sit down and question you about it all, in part because they simply assume that they're the problem.
So take a moment and sit down to have a frank discussion with him.
Simply talking about it and coming to an understanding can be enough to help you guys get through this temporary intimacy problem.

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