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An overview on the Sorrento Drawer Double Dresser

Have you ever heard the quote, "Bigger is better." Well even though having a small, compact, and easy to move dresser is great for things like guest rooms or children room, some people prefer the old big dressers to store most of their material in. Six drawers are a lot, but you want more. Seven is better, but apparently, that isn't good enough for some people either. How many more dresser drawers would a person need?

Meet the Sorrento Drawer Double Dresser, a dresser with up to 10 individual drawers and a mirror on top of the shelf. This product was made by Standard Furniture, one of the most popular and well respected American furniture manufacturers in the business. Made in the dimension size of 34" H x 16" W x 63" D, this is quite possible one of the biggest and heavy dressers out there. This dresser has six individual drawers on the top part of the shelf, two in the middle, and two on the bottom. The top part was meant for small items like jewelry, while the bottom four drawers are for clothes and other unmentionables.

And best of all, it's made in that sleek, good looking espresso style that we like to emphasize on. This comes with the two standard espresso colors, dark cherry brown and light brown. Like we always say, what we like about this style is its ability to fit in any room in your house. This can go with your old or new bedroom set, it can fit in your living room, it can fit into the guess room, and heck, it can even fit in your kitchen.

While the Sorrento double dresser is big and stylish, it's not as durable as other dresser drawers. Careful care is needed when moving this dresser around the house, which isn't as easy as it looks, because it weighs around 140 pounds. Try not to place any sharp objects on the surface, as it can scratch easily. Apparently, durability had to be traded for size, with we think is a good trade off, especially with the space and the amount of drawers you get with this dresser.

However, despite its less than stellar durability, it comes with a 6 year limited warranty. So if something bad happens to it, you can easily get it fixed or replace. As one of the leading furniture companies, Standard Furniture likes to keep a good reputation with its customers, and thus, will refuse to screw anyone over on any furniture the customer buys. Replacement parts or even a never Sorrento double dresser will reach your home in a timeframe of a week and a half.

You want to know the most exciting thing about this dresser? Despite being a large dresser, it only costs a mere $550, and it comes with free shipping if you ordered it from an online retailer. That cost is rare from a unit this size, but cheaper material of wood was use for the unit, which is why the durability is not as stellar as its counterparts. However, this is a very good deal for dresser this size. If you think all the pros outweigh the cons, then get the Sorrento Drawer Double Dresser today.

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