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Gameplay in Brief:

Players roll five dice, and can choose to reroll some or all of the dice up to two times, trying to get the best score in various categories (e.g. three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, small straight).


For 2 to 10 players (best with 2 to 4), ages 6 and up. About 30 minutes per game.


Yahtzee was designed by a Canadian couple who asked Edwin S. Lowe to market it for them.

The public domain game Yacht, which predates Yahtzee, has slightly different scoring.


Yahtzee, first trademarked in 1956, was published by the E.S. Lowe Company until 1973, when Milton Bradley purchased E.S. Lowe and took over production. (Milton Bradley is now owned by Hasbro.) It is believed that hundreds of millions of copies of Yahtzee have been sold.


Yahtzee is a dice game which incorporates set collection.

Other Editions:

Numerous editions -- e.g., Yahtzee Free for All (2008), Power Yahtzee (2007), Yahtzee Turbo (2006), Casino Yahtzee (1986), Challenge Yahtzee (1974), and Word Yahtzee 1978) -- have been published through the years, and the game Kismet is essentially the same.


Yahtzee is on my list of the best dice games.

Why Yahtzee is Part of the Games Timeline:

Yahtzee can legitimately lay claim to the title of "grandfather of all modern dice games." Here are the other games I believe are the most culturally and historically significant games published since 1800.

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