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The Various Disadvantages of Being Overweight

Many people think that being overweight just makes them look bad. Therefore, after trying several fat loss programs which did not work, they stopped trying, and resigned to the supposed fact that they will just not look in good in their lives. However, looking chubby and undesirable are not the only disadvantages of being overweight! You will also suffer from many health and other problems.

First of all, being overweight contributes to high blood pressure. Your blood vessels will be filled with greater levels of fats compared to a person who is not overweight, therefore resulting in high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to heart diseases like heart attack.

Usually, most people become fat because they take too much sugar, causing blood sugar level to spike and their metabolism to crash. Since you also probably took in too much sugar, your current diet may provide you with diabetes in the future. Therefore, you should look to changing your dietary habits.

Next, since you usually have low self-esteem and confidence, you do not hang out with certain people just because you are feeling insecure and worry that they may judge you. You may thus find making friends, especially of the opposite gender, harder. You should definitely have higher self-esteem by losing weight!

You will also realize that finding clothes which actually fit nicely is very difficult. Nice looking clothes will probably not fit well on you, just because you are overweight. This is definitely a demoralizing feeling.

Even something as simple as daily traveling can become awkward when you are overweight! This is especially the case if you are trying to walk along a narrow walkway to get to your seat.

Sometimes, just because you are so insecure about your weight and the way you look, you end up thinking that every time someone is making a joke or laughing, you may think that they are talking and laughing about you.

There are many problems present when you are overweight. There are health issues, which in my opinion are rather pressing matters. There are also social issues, such as you being embarrassed about the way you look and having low self-confidence levels.

It is clear that being overweight is not good for you even if you have a high confidence level. Start working out more often, stop being overweight, and reduce the chances of you suffering from health and heart-related diseases in the future!

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