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Teach Your Boyfriend How to Have Sex Longer

If you are not having the long lasting, pleasure filled type of sex you should be having, there's usually one reason: your boyfriend is not lasting long enough.
This is actually a common problem that guys have, not knowing how to have sex longer.
And the reason they never solve the problem is usually because they don't have help and are embarrassed.
They may try silly routines to try to prolong sex, like counting backwards or trying to occupy their mind somehow, but they never achieve the long lasting status with these tricks.
So what can be done? Well, if guys had a girlfriend who would understand and actually help them learn how to have sex longer, then they very well could turn into a great lover, which will make sex tremendously better.
Here's what to do:
  • Practice with your boyfriend during sex.
    Right before he is about to reach orgasm, then cease all activity and rest for a moment or two (this time can be occupied with kissing and touching, but nothing too extreme as to get him over excited as the point is to simmer him down some, and then continue).
  • Then continue with sexual intimacy again, and once again pause once he gets close to orgasm.
    What this starting and stopping does is basically trains him and his body to last longer.
    You are teaching his body what it feels like to extend intimacy and have long sex.
    Guys are so used to short, quick ejaculations (masturbation for men can take only minutes) that they need to be re-trained to learn how to have sex longer.
Another option is to get your boyfriend an online instruction manual which will contain a list of exercises that he can perform on his own to teach himself not to suffer from quick ejaculation.
Guys will resist trying to learn this stuff, unless you really step forward and either help them or provide them with the tools to help themselves.

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