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Is He Into You? - How to Know If a Guy Likes You

The only way you can tell that a guy likes you for sure is by going up to him and asking.
However, there's many reasons why this is not a good idea, because by asking you basically give yourself to him and this is not good.
What you should be doing is look for indicators of interest which will give you evidence to support whether he likes you or not.
First of all, let's check out his body language:
  1. Is he nervous around you? Unless he's very confident, he probably gets kind of nervous when you're around, maybe he moves his hands a lot, talks fast, etc.
  2. Does he laugh at everything what you say, even though it's not always funny? He could be trying to show that he appreciates what you say.
  3. Does he give strong eye contact? He may want to build up sexual tension, or on the other hand...
    Does he quickly look away if you make eye contact? He could be embarrassed he was looking at you because he likes you.
  4. Is his body turned towards you when you talk? If he's facing you directly, it could mean he wants to focus his attention on you.
    Does he lean in? If so, he could be trying to show that he's interested in you.
  5. Does he throw quick looks at you when he talks to other girls? If he does, he could be trying to make you jealous.
Let's have a look at what happens when you two talk:
  1. Does he brag a lot, or just simply talk about himself quite a bit? This could mean he's trying to seduce you by impressing you.
  2. Does he want to know a lot about you? He could be asking all that stuff, not really because he relates to it, but rather because he's into you.
  3. Does he remember insignificant details you mentioned? This implies that he has been paying a lot of attention to your words; there must be some reason for that...
  4. Does he tease you a lot? He's not really doing it to make you mad, but rather because he wants you to flirt back.
Finally, let's use friends to your advantage:
  1. Do his friends mock him when you're around? This means he probably likes you and they're just having fun with that fact.
  2. Do you have common friends? If so, then have a friend casually say in a conversation you two would make a great couple.
    If he doesn't disagree, he probably thinks so.
With this little checklist hopefully you'll find out pretty soon if he likes you!

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