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Starting Your Own Business and Taking an Entrepreneurial Risk

Starting your own business can be quite an undertaking and cause some stress.
If I polled a large number of disgruntled nine to five workers who are looking for a way out and asked them why they do not start a new business, most would tell me they are afraid of the risk.
I understand their fear, especially if they are the sole providers of their household or they have the responsibility of children.
As a single mother, I understand their emotional and mental state and what they are feeling.
However, if they do not take some necessary steps, regardless of how small, they will never live the life of their dreams.
Some people magnify the risks in their head and think they are not able to take them.
This is why I started an internet business.
I took a calculated risk and it gave me the ability to work on the business while I still had a full time job.
Yes, it was a lot of work, but as I made money I was able to cut my job hours, so my daughter was never without.
The risk was not as magnified as I had once thought.
I also want you to realize that you already have the courage within you to succeed and starting your own business can be right around the corner.
Are you married? Do you have children? Did you ever leave one job for a new one or even change careers? If you made any of those decisions you were a risk taker! You didn't know how long you marriage would last when you said "I do" but you went through with it anyway.
You did not know what it was like to have your first child and become a new parent but you took the plunge because you wanted to experience the rewards.
Just like you are willing to work on creating a great marriage or becoming a better parent you can work towards building your business.
You may not know the outcome but you will know that if you work hard you can experience the benefits.
Try to view your desires apart from fear and you will see that you can achieve your dreams.
Starting your own business is not as hard as you may think.
Don't worry - everyone makes mistakes and you will not be immune to them.
Take the first step and start researching new opportunities that will suit your current lifestyle until you can replace your salary.
When you tangibly see what is open to you, you will realize that the risks are not as big as they seem and you will be one step closer to the lifestyle of your dreams.

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