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Looking For a Proven Method? Break Up Survival Done Right

Break ups are painful there's no way around it.
What you need is to find a proven method for break up survival.
While there are no miracle cures for the break up blues there are a few things you can do that will help you move forward with your life a little faster than if you spend all your time moping around and waiting for your heart to harden.
Shake Up Your Routine Don't fall into the same routine that constantly confronts you with memories and reminders of your relationship, your ex, and other things that are painful to experience.
You want to start a few new routines and create a few new habits.
Get coffee somewhere else.
Do your dry cleaning somewhere you aren't likely to run into your ex or well meaning friends who aren't aware the relationship has ended.
Clean a Little House It would be nice if you could literally "wash that man right of your hair.
" Sadly it isn't that simple.
However, if you do a little bit of house cleaning you can remove those photographs, forget-me-nots, and mementos that serve as painful reminders of better times behind you.
Create an environment that encourages you to look forward to the future time and what will be better times ahead of you instead.
Find a new Social Circle When you're part of a couple you tend to meld social circles.
When you break up your friends are comingled.
Not only do you lose the person you love above all others but you also feel as though you've lost a little bit of your support system as well.
Now it's time to reach out and make new friends.
It might seem like a terrible time to do this but it will give you something to focus on other than your misery and prove to be a pleasant diversion from your currently painful daily routine.
Take Some Time Off This is the perfect time to take some time away from work, home, and even social commitments.
Get away from what is familiar and surround yourself with new sights, sounds, and aromas.
Go on vacation, hit the beach for a weekend, or just go camping and take in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.
Getting away from the things you see and do daily will allow you to see the world with new eyes.
Do these things and you'll never need to find a proven method to break up survival again.

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