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Kinds of Lines in Art

    Contour Lines

    • Contour lines define the outline of an area. For instance, to draw an apple using contour lines, one would draw a clear and steady outline of that subject as well as the outline of the shadows within that subject.

    Expressive Lines

    • Line No. 50

      Expressive lines convey emotion based on their character and weight. This type of line is often found in abstract expressionist works, but expressive lines can also be used to punctuate an idea or emotion in representational works.

    Hatched Lines

    • Hatching is one method of shading with lines in which the artist draws parallel lines to express the idea of shadow. The closer together the lines are drawn, the darker the shadow will appear.

    Cross-Hatched Lines

    • Cross-hatching is a similar shading technique in which a second set of parallel lines are drawn intersecting the first set. Just like the hatching, the closer the cross-hatching lines are drawn, the darker the shadow will appear.

    Implied Line

    • An implied line is a line that is created by placing elements within the composition in a linear pattern. The actual line is not visible, but the idea is conveyed by the subjects within the artwork.

    Combining Line Styles

    • One can combine different types of line within one artwork.

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