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4 Ingredients to Starting an Exercise Program

Here you are, deciding that it's finally time to start an exercise program.
Well, you've just passed the first test.
You have decided to start an exercise program.
Great! Now what? Determine Your Physical Abilities Don't start off too aggressively.
You don't need to run a marathon or anything.
If you're very overweight just start out walking.
Maybe it's only around the block, it doesn't matter.
Remember, you want to have successes so you continue with your program.
Start Some Kind of Weight Training Don't get scared of this.
While walking or running (cardio) is a great way to start moving and losing weight the best way to continue to burn calories and increase your metabolism is to build lean muscle or replace fat with muscle.
There are several ways to do this.
You can start with small free weights or even exercises using your own body weight as resistance.
But again, start small, feel good about what you accomplish and then increase your weights or reps.
Have a Plan Determine the best time for you to exercise.
Really think about it and determine when you have time and make that time your exercise time.
Don't let other things replace it (as much as possible).
It should only take a half hour at the most.
Is morning better or evening? Maybe you have some days where morning is better and others where evenings are better.
Keep A Positive Attitude So important.
Know that what you are doing is a GOOD thing, even if you don't see results right away.
And don't beat yourself up if you miss a day.
Just do your workout/walk/run the next day and get back on track.
An exercise program doesn't have to be a major undertaking or daunting task.
You have to want to start one, come up with a plan based on what you're able to do, determine when you can accomplish your plan and then DO IT!

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