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Outsource Digital Transcription to Maximize Benefits

Whatever the size of your business, you could consider outsourcing your digital transcription requirements to a reliable business process outsourcing company because it will help you maximize benefits. The digitization of different kinds of dictations has acquired increased importance over the years because an increasing number of businesses realized how essential it is to keep a handy, less bulky textual copy of discussions, conferences, interviews, meetings and webinars.

Benefits of Digital Transcription Services

Considerable Knowledge and Experience - When you approach an established provider of transcription services, you can expect them to possess considerable experience and expertise from working with a wide range of projects. They would be fluent in the English language and also be well-versed in technical jargon that appears in the dictations. As such, you can be confident of getting a superior solution from them. Thus you can get assistance with transcription of personal interviews, group discussions, TV series recordings, academic videos, seminars, business meetings, classroom seminars and more
  • High Quality Consistently - A good service provider would adopt a three-tiered process of quality editing with the involvement of editors and proofreaders. This would help to ensure a high level of accuracy every time. Keep in mind that whichever the service provider you choose, don't settle for an accuracy rate below 99 percent.
  • Great Cost Savings - When you outsource your transcription requirements, you don't have to spend money for manpower, software, training and other resources to perform the task in-house. All these expenses would be the burden of the digital transcription company.
  • Flexibility - You can expect flexibility in several areas. Firstly, the files for transcription can either be emailed or uploaded to the company's server. Secondly, the service provider would support a number of video formats including MPEG-4, .avi, .mov, .dat, .wmv and .swf and a number of audio formats including DSS, WAV, MP3, MP4 and AIFF. The company would also support different dictation options such as digital dictation machine and toll-free number and different methods of file transfer such as FTP or secure browser-based transfer. A fourth area is turnaround with turnaround times starting from 24 hours to less. You can also choose whether you want the transcription done in the U.S or at an offshore center.
  • Custom Formatting - You just have to specify your preferred format and they will do the needful.
  • Free Trial - With the help of this facility, you would be able to test the quality and reliability factors of the company's transcription. Only if you are satisfied, you need entrust the complete project with them.
  • Affordable and Competitive Pricing
  • Impressive Customer Support - The company would make available 24/7/365 customer support.

Improved Efficiency

With all the benefits attributed to it, outsourcing digital transcription can indeed contribute to improved business efficiency.

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