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Feed me Zombie -Manage my restaurant

You drop by at your favorite restaurant to spend a leisurely evening. You peruse the menu booklet and decide to order your favorite dish. You beckon the waiter to order your dish but she takes too long to respond and you leave the restaurant in frustration. The manager penalizes the waiter for poor service. This sounds very cliché right? It does happen very often but what if we reverse the roles here? What if, for a day, you play the waiter? It might sound crazy but this is the idea behind this fantastic game called feed me!

The introductory page is very flamboyant and attractive. It shows FEED ME Inscribed in a background full of hungry people, with a female waiter holding two dishes in her hand. Then there are 3 options from which you can choose. They are – play, instruction and more games. The moment you press the play button you get the shock of your life! The graphics of the game are so intense and bright that you will get addicted without a moment's thought. The controls are very fluidic and easy to use.

The colors are also brilliant and add to the fantastic appeal of the game. And this is when you have not even started playing zombie games!

The basic content and matter of the game require you to attend to guests at a restaurant, just as you would, had you been a waiter. So your first task is to select the guest and allot them a table. Your next task is to take their order and wait for the meal to get prepared. After a few moments of preparation, the order will be ready and will be visible at the counter. Next you will have to collect the order from the counter and deliver it to the guest, who after finishing his meal will leave the leftovers and some tip.

As a final step you are required to claim the tip and deposit the leftovers, if any, into the trash bin. Seems simple right? Wrong! There are more guests than one who visit the restaurant at the same time and each one requires a sitting place. Moreover each of them will quickly decide a dish and beckon you to place the order. If you do not respond sufficiently well in time, they will get angry.

The best part of the game is that when the guest starts getting impatient they become red. Finally they start banging the table and then leave the restaurant. Now the best part of the game is also the toughest part. You will have to manage your time such that no guest leaves the table and you serve food efficiently to the maximum number. Only then will you be able to score well. Towards the end of the game, you will be shown a score card that indicates the following Today's goal Today's earnt Today's profit Carol's money Also the resultant is displayed. If you do not utilize the day properly you will be awarded a failed day scorecard. So beware! Manage your time well…

You might have often wondered as to how it feels to sometimes be on the giving end instead of being at the receiving end of a restaurant or an eating joint. It might sound very easy but once you start playing the game you realize how strenuous the job of a waiter can be. So here is the golden opportunity to image yourself undertaking a very serious responsibility of pretending to be a waiter. go find out how good you are at it !

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