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Ways to Seduce a Woman in a Bar Or Club - Different Scenarios

If you are reading this article, then I am assuming that you want to seduce a woman in a bar or club.
Being that I am a woman, I am going to address some different scenarios that can really get a woman to have interest in you no matter what you look like, how much money you have, and how shy you are! I usually meet guys when I am out on the town with my girlfriends.
When girls are usually all out together, you can guess that half of us in that group are single.
If you are interested in one of us and can't tell, it helps to have one of your friends ask which can save you a little embarrassment! The following are some ways women like a man to come on to them in a bar/club atmosphere: o If you happen to see a woman you like dancing, do not come up and grind behind her.
That turns us off.
A simple touch on the shoulder and a nice smile is all it takes.
Then ask her name.
Guaranteed the more subtle approach will get her to talk to you.
o If you happen to see the woman you like at the bar, go up to the bar yourself.
Pretend that you are ordering yourself a drink and ask her if she would like one also.
This is great to break the ice.
While you are waiting for that bartender and the drink, you can then introduce yourself and strike up a conversation! o If you happen to see the woman you like remaining with her friends and not moving around too much, this is when you can have one of your friends try and hook it up.
This sometimes happens to save some embarrassment.
This can go good or bad.
Some girls are shy themselves and therefore think when a guy feels intimidated to approach a girl, well...
it's cute.
If you are dealing with a girl who thinks she's God's gift, then trying a 'hook up' will be a bad idea.
Don't forget, no matter what your actions are to seduce a woman, always be yourself.
That approach usually works best!

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