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Fire Extinguisher: A Must Have Item for Your Home

We all know that though we have fire extinguishers at home, using it is the last thing we would like to do. Usually, fire extinguisher will just hang on the wall or at the corner of room for years, without anyone even notice it. This fact makes us unwilling to buy even if we really need one. Although we often doubt the use of it, fire extinguisher is such important device to have for our safety. It is a form of ensuring safety which all homes may need in case a fire starts.

Owning fire extinguisher is not a bad idea also. You do not have to buy one every month or every year. Once you buy it, you can use it over and over again (although you don't want to use it that often!). Unless it needs maintenance, you do not have to keep checking it. The maintenance is very easy. Some of them only require you to shake it once a month. Some others requires cheking twice a year. It will feel like buying something at a time but giving you protection for the longest time.

It also only demands a very small area of the house. You can just hang it on the wall, or put it at the corner. No need to worry to provide one special room for fire extinguisher. If you want, you can purchase fire extinguisher cabinets which will help you make the more organized.

Stop thinking that using fire extinguisher is difficult and need special ability! Once you know how to use it, it will be very easy for you. Simply remember the four steps of PASS.

Pull the pin that located on the top of the device. It will automatically unlock the device.
Next, Aim the nozzle to the base of fire. Look where the fire starts, aim it there.
Then, Squeeze the lever slowly. It will release the content of device.
And last, Sweep from side to side. Make a sweeping motion as you squeeze the lever. Do it until the fire really stops. Do recheck the location before leaving, since some fire sources might still be there.

No matter how rarely we will use, having protection from fire and other incidents that may occur offer us to a wide selection of fire safety devices.

Think of the area of where you might use the fire extinguisher, to help you determine which device suits your needs best.

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